Our network of resources provide major hydro component fabrications, auxiliary systems manufacture and turn-key installation and repair services.  

Meeting virtually all operational requirements as well as any code requirements, our fabricators have many years of experience in the complete design and fabrication of your hydro project major components. 

Spiral Casings

Are all part of a long list of capabilities for our fabrications and machining experts.  Years of providing this equipment to the OEM and aftermarket industry mean that IMG’s network can support your plant needs. 

Stay Rings and Bottom Rings


Upper Brackets

Turbine Head Covers

Wicket Gates

Hydraulic governors, gate controls, Hydraulic governor upgrades, repairs and retrofits. 

Hydraulic Controls

Hydro Power Applications

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Whether for a new unit addition or grass-roots hydro project, or for life extension or unit upgrade, our resources have many years of OEM and aftermarket design, manufacture and field service experience.  Including inspection, repair and upgrade of existing systems. 

Lube Oil Systems and Controls


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